How to Clean a Synthetic Rug at Home

How to Clean a Synthetic Rug at Home

Published by Roman Puhachov on Jan 18th 2022

Synthetic fiber carpets have been popular for many years due to their practicality. They are wear-resistant, retain an attractive appearance for a long time, and are easily cleaned from visible contaminants. Therefore, carpets of this type are widely used in offices, public institutions, shopping centers. Many homeowners also prefer artificial fiber rugs as they are easier to care for than natural-material rugs.

Despite the relative ease of care, carpets made of synthetic fibers need both daily household cleaning and regular professional washing using chemicals. This is determined by the characteristics of artificial materials.

How to care for synthetic rug

Modern technologies give synthetic carpets a beautiful fashionable and stylish look. For example, acrylic carpets do not differ visually, and to the touch from woolen ones. But they are much cheaper. It is easier to caring for them, regardless of the type and length of the pile.

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Regular care

The standard care recommended by the manufacturers consists of regular dry vacuuming. If the synthetic carpet is highly electrified, treat the pile with an antistatic agent. Then the vacuum cleaner will easily clean the coating from: 

– small debris and dust;

– hair and fibers;

- pet hair.

IMPORTANT: Vacuum slowly, go through each area two to three times. 

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What to do with stains? 

The secret to stain-free carpets is simple - get rid of them immediately. The advice is relevant for carpets made of any type of fiber. Synthetics are even easier. Stains can be removed with a cloth and soapy water. It is prepared from laundry soap or washing powder. We recommend soap as a more environmentally friendly option. With a clean cloth, apply foam to the stain, gently rub the pile. Repeat the procedure until the stain disappears. Try not to wet the pile and the base abundantly so that they dry quickly and completely. Wet areas can be dried with a hair dryer. 

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