How To Choose Decorative Couch Pillows. Home Décor Guide and Advices.

How To Choose Decorative Couch Pillows. Home Décor Guide and Advices.

Published by Roman Puhachov on Feb 16th 2021

Decorative couch pillows allow you to make the interior more expressive and at the same time help to equip the area for comfortable rest. They can be attributed to both accessories and textiles. You should feel free to choose decorative pillows. Get the most out of your creativity and have fun with the design. It should be remembered that decorative pillows always attract attention. They will speak eloquently and tell guests about your taste and sense of style. In this article. let us name the main nuances that will help you understand how to choose the best decorative pillows for the couch.16 in. Brazilian Genuine Natural Leather High Quality Real Hair On Double Sided Cowhide Throw Pillow, Gray Chevron Design


The first thing that catches your eye when entering a room is the color scheme. Pillows in the interior can become the accent that will make the room original and attractive. People often prefer products that match the shade of the environment. If your task is to make a cozy corner for complete relaxation, then this option can be considered a good one. However, it is not suitable for a bright decoration or zoning of a room.

The Pattern

The pattern on the decorative pillows helps to show the overall design concept most clearly. You can choose pillows with similar patterns or choose distinctly different prints. Some people prefer designs that coordinate with wallpaper, curtains, or other patterned elements. The choice largely depends on your taste preferences and the original concept.

Fabric texture

When choosing a material that is suitable in texture for a particular pillow, it is necessary to consider not only their color and pattern, but also the brightness level in the room, the style of the interior, the purpose of the room, season, and other related factors. So, a smooth, shiny fabric is good for a chic living room. It reflects light, therefore visually enlarges the space, and gives the interior additional sophistication. Matte products usually look simple at home. They can be perfect for a country style room. Fluffy fur pillows create a romantic mood. Knitted or woolen pillowcases are often used to decorate the bedroom to heighten the feeling of warmth and comfort. If desired, it is quite possible to play on the contrast of different materials, for example, silk and velvet.16 in. Brazilian Genuine Natural Leather High Quality Double Sided Cowhide Throw Pillow, Beige

Three advices how to choose the right decorative couch pillows.

It is important that the silhouette of a decorative couch pillow is clearly "readable" at first glance. To achieve this effect, choose products made from a material that contrasts with the upholstery.

  1. Choose couch pillows that are lighter or darker than your couch. Also, if you plan on placing multiple pillows on upholstered furniture, make sure they are different from each other. Some accessories should be in light colors and some in dark colors.
  2. If the sofa is a neutral color (black, gray, white), get bright decorative pillows.
  3. Combine warm and cool colors. Complement yellow, orange, red with blue, blue, purple.


Each interior should carry some idea. For example, emphasize the love of its owner for travel or for works of art. You should buy decorative pillows that carry a message.

How to compose decorative couch pillows

A set of 3-4 pillows may be enough to decorate a couch. This amount will allow you to make interesting compositions in the living space. Two pairs, laid out symmetrically, look beautiful in a traditional living room. They can be of the same shape, but differ in design, size, or texture. Another pillow, placed in the center, can act as an accent, and have an unusual design. For small couches, you can change the proportions: take three standard pillows and one original.

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