Decorative Throw Blanket. How to use and care for them. Guide and advice from the Deerlux brand.

Decorative Throw Blanket. How to use and care for them. Guide and advice from the Deerlux brand.

Published by Roman Puhachov on May 25th 2021

Hot Red Decorative Throw Blanket with Fringe

If you ask what a blanket is and why it is so necessary in every home, the answer seems obvious. This accessory has a dual purpose in the interior: practical and decorative.

A soft, comfortable blanket is the personification of home comfort and warmth, stylish and interesting decoration for a bedroom or living room. It is pleasant to wrap yourself up in it on cold winter evenings, plunging into an atmosphere of peace, serenity, and romance. Both on the road and on picnics you cannot do without such a useful accessory. In this article, you will find useful information about throw blankets and their capabilities.

Green Decorative Throw Blanket with Zigzag Stripe Pattern and Fringe

Which decorative throw blankets is the best ?

Material is the main factor in making a purchase decision for interior textile products.

Mostly, people prefer decorative throw blankets made from synthetic materials: acrylic, polyester, viscose. Thanks to the strong yarn, the available model will last a very long time and will not lose color brightness after many washes.

How to choose a design?

Decorative textiles play an important role in the design of the entire interior. You should choose the design of a decorative throw blanket depends on your interior.

If you have a minimalistic interior in strict colors – it is time to add bright colors and choose a colorful decorative throw blankets with patterns.

Solid throw blankets will help to give the space texture and depth.

Practical and decorative purpose.

From a functional point of view, one blanket may be sufficient, but from a decorative point, you can afford more. In this case, combine throw blankets decorated with patterns with solid colors. Don’t be afraid to mix “crazy” patterns and texture décor. All this will only add energy and originality to your home.

Pink Decorative Chenille Throw Blanket

How to care of decorative throw blankets?

To maintain the color brightness, durability and softness of the textiles, just follow the care instructions that is printed on the product label. In general, it is very easy to care for a decorative throw blankets. Hand and machine wash at warm temperatures will help keep the decorative throw blanket intact.

Decorative Throw Blankets with Fringe

Let’s summarize:

1.When choosing a blanket, first, start from the material of the product.

2.To maintain the color and softness of the material, strictly follow the directions on the label.

3.For minimalist rooms – choose bright prints with floral motifs. 

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