Extra Large Brazilian Genuine High Quality Real Cowhide Rug, Beige

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size: 35.50 W × 5.50 H × 5.50 L
  • Approx Size: 85" W x 60" D x 0.5" H (5' D x 7' W)
  • Genuine natural cowhide, color size and pattern may vary
  • Chic room decor addition
  • It's very common for cowhide rugs to come with firemarks, scars and other markings, this is a completely natural occurrence.
  • Fur doesn't shed which prolongs rug durability

Natural luxury decor brings a new dimension to your living space. Whether your home decor revolves around retro styles or contemporary ideas, this real animal skin hide is a classic home addition making it attractively chic to complement any type or time used. No need to worry about bald spots on the cowhide because they're real and don't shed or fall apart! So why go real? Because they're soft, beautiful, and timeless like art - that's why!

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