​How to Check if Leather is Genuine or Faux | Real Vs Fake Leather

​How to Check if Leather is Genuine or Faux | Real Vs Fake Leather

Feb 17th 2019

After you’ve decided if you want to go for genuine or synthetic leather, you’ll want to make sure that you’re purchasing the right type. How can you tell what type of leather you’re looking at?

  • Simply enough, the first place to check should be the product page or label. Manufacturers of genuine leather will usually state its material with pride.
  • Smell the leather. Real leather has a distinct smell that can not be replicated, whereas synthetic leather will have a plastic-y smell. Sniffing around a few articles that you’re certain is genuine leather will make it easier for you to identify.
  • Check the material’s feel. Genuine leather is soft and stretchy. The texture of natural leather appears uneven, with a grain that’s not consistent throughout.
  • If the edge of the material is visible, check if it has a natural, rough edge. Real leather will appear like that, while manmade leather has a completely even edging.
  • Do the water drop test: Drop a small amount of water on the material and see how it reacts. Real leather is highly absorbent and will absorb a small drop of water within a few seconds. But if the leather is fake, the water will simply puddle up on top.

Stay on the lookout for more leather tips and tricks, coming soon!

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